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The classification of the dc governor introduction
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Dc motor in home appliances, electronic instruments, electronic toys, LuXiangJi and all kinds of automatic control are widely used. But for its use and control, many readers are also not familiar with, and its technical material also difficult to find. Dc motor control circuit highlights, to make the reader "get whole don't fee kung fu"!!!!!
In the modern electronic product, the automatic control system, electronic equipment, home appliances, electronic toys, and so on, dc motor have been widely used. People familiar with the tape recorder, phonograph records, LuXiangJi, electronic computers, are not lack of dc motor. So dc motor control is a very practical technology. Below we'll detail all kinds of dc motor control technology.
Head of a few words of explanation: the article content is complete, detailed but I regret that the original manuscript of the printing quality and drawing is poor, although taken a lot of measures, some figure could still see not too clear, so they put the figure.
Dc motor, substantially can be divided into four classes:
The first kind is a few phase windings stepping motor. The stepping motor, plus the proper sequence pulse, can make the spindle rotation a precision Angle (1.8 °-usually in between 7.5 °). As long as the pulse sequence, adding an appropriate motor can according to people's predetermined speed or continuous rotation direction.
Stepping motor with micro processor or special stepping motor driver integrated circuit, it is easier to control. For example the commonly used SAAl027 or SAAl024 special stepping motor control circuit.
Stepping motor is widely used in the rotation Angle of the precise metering to place. For example: robot arm movements, senior word round of choice, computer drives characters, the printer head control "control, with motor.
The second type of permanent magnet dc motor in the device, its design is very simple, but is widely used. When plus rated voltage dc, almost equal speed. This kind of motor used in the tape recorder, LuXiangJi, phonograph or CD player, the machine or equipment fixed speed. Also used for variable speed a wide range of device drivers, for example: small electric drill, a model train, electronic toys. In these applications, with the help of the electronic control circuit in the role of the motor function greatly strengthened.
The third type is the so-called servo motor, servo motor is automatic device in executive components, it is the biggest characteristic of controllable. In a control signal, servo motor is turning, and speed is proportional to the size of the control voltage of the size, remove the control signal voltage, servo motor immediately stopped turning. Servo motor applied widely, almost all of the automatic control system needs to be used. For example, its output speed motor is proportional to the speed of the motor; Or gear box of drive, its output potentiometer institutions is proportional to the mobile location. When potentiometer this kind of motor and the appropriate power control feedback loops, its speed when combined with external oscillator frequency lock, or with external precise displacement control knob to lock.
Player or CD player of the commonly used servo motor. Antenna rotation system, remote control model planes and ships to also use servo motor.
Last class for two phase low voltage ac motor. This kind of motor are usually dc power supply a low frequency oscillators, and then with low frequency low voltage ac motor to drive. This kind of motor occasionally is also used in the driving mechanism.

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