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Harbin Huifeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Harbin HSBC electronic technology co., LTD., the predecessor of, HSBC electronic firms got great development, in order to faster development and attract more talent company general manager Mr Chih-cheng wang decided to officially renamed in 2000, four years in Harbin HSBC electronic technology co., LTD. Since the company since its establishment the performance obtained the rapid development, has become an important electronic equipment products company in Harbin, Harbin region is made outstanding contribution to the national electronics product, our product by the large general new old customer high praise, also was in the same industry.

Company since its establishment, always adhering to the "quality of destiny, fate comes from professional" business philosophy, adhere to the customer demand as the guidance, on the basis of experience, with science and technology lead for the first peak. Under the leadership of the general manager, all the employees of the company are constantly surpassing themselves, leading forward in science and technology, and always being imitated by others. However, they have never been surpassed in the service of new and old users.

The company produces the electronic equipment product to have the professional engineer to design carefully, the development of the new product to the product formation all has the professional personnel to carry on the supervision test. Production line staff has years of experience in personnel focus on production for you, no matter from the aspects of our product quality is the first, more and more orders, also received a lot of users has laid a solid foundation for the company. The development and appearance of our company is inseparable from the support of new and old users. Thanks to the new and old users, we will work harder and more professionally to acknowledge the new and old users.

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