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  • name : 12v-24v dc motor controller HW-A-1011B
  • model : Dc governor
  • price : $25
  • This price is reference price
  • time : 2019-12-11
The product description

12v-24v dc motor controller hw-a-1011b (patented product) trademark (huifeng) brand laser anti-counterfeiting。


12v-24v dc motor controller upgrade:

Hw-a-1011 (second generation) 12v-24v dc motor controller was revised in 2010, and hw-a-1011b (third generation) 12-24v dc non-polar controller was revised in 2013。

Under the suggestion of the customer, the technicians of Harbin huifeng electronic science and technology co., LTD have been carefully designed and upgraded, and continuously upgraded the circuit according to the requirements of customers to further improve the quality. The current version is the new 2018 hw-a-1011b dc motor controller。

Thank you for your support all the time. The price of hw-a-1011b dc controller produced by HSBC electronic technology on July 1, 2019 has been adjusted to$25. We sincerely invite dealers。



HW-A-10Series product naming rules:

(H) is the first letter of HSBC electronics, (W) is the first letter of the last name of the company's boss, (A) is striving to be the first, (10) is the tenth basic plan followed by the subsequent launch of the series of models



The full name of pulse width modulation is:

The Pulse WidthModulator, also known as PWM, is often used in dc load circuits, lamp dimming or dc motor speed regulation due to its special performance.

PWM working principle:

By changing the duty cycle of the output pulse, the average current power on the load changes from 0-100%, thus changing the load, lighting brightness/motor speed.

PWM advantages:

For example, when the output is 50% square wave, the output power of pulse width modulation (PWM) circuit is 50%, almost 50% of all the energy is converted to the load.

PWM and resistance comparison:

When common resistance step-down speed regulation is adopted, in order to obtain the maximum power of the power supply at 50% of the load, the power supply must provide more than 71% of the output power, of which 21% is consumed in the pressure drop and heat consumption of the resistance.The bulk of the energy is consumed in the resistance, leaving only the output energy, and the conversion efficiency is very low.

HW - A - 1011 - b adopts PWM slow temperature rise big output power, not only because the governor output waveform quality, decided to the impact of the motor winding excitation coil copper loss iron loss increases, the poor quality of output waveform, the rotor cutting lines of magnetic force caused A certain degree of productivity (copper loss iron loss), and such working long hours can lead to A sharp rise in the motor temperature rise.Long use will make the motor winding burnt, so the output waveform of the governor determines the quality of the governor, do not understand conditional can observe the PWM duty cycle output waveform through the oscilloscope whether there is a burr tip wave will know whether this governor is a high quality product.


Dimensions of dc motor governor material:

Appearance: rectangular white with ABS and flame retardant

Dimensions: 78 mm long, 35 mm wide, 56 mm high, 65 mm mounting distance

Main product drawing and parameter label:


Parameters and wiring diagram :

Technical indicators of 12v-24v dc motor controller:

(1) working voltage: dc9-25v

(2) control power :12V (60W), 24V (100W)

(3) static current 0.02a

(4) starting voltage :DC0V/ 0.7v

(5) rated current :6A

(6) PWM frequency: 12 kh

Wiring method of 12v-24v dc motor controller: the controller has three terminals. The specific wiring method is as follows.

(1) black line: connected to the negative pole of dc power supply,

(2) red line: direct connection to dc power supply,

(3) blue line: connected to the negative pole of the motor,

(4) positive electrode of the motor: it is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply.

Instructions for 12v-24v dc motor controller:

Check the wiring is correct before energizing

After the connection is correct, the torque is adjusted clockwise when energized. At this moment, you can hear or feel a clear sound inside the speed control switch. It is proved that the internal switch has been opened.

The motor reaches its maximum speed when the spin is turned to the end.

12v-24v dc motor controller note: do not connect the positive and negative poles in reverse. The connection mode is parallel。



Application: speed regulation by brush motor, electromagnetic motor, automobile cooling fan, automobile fan, automobile wiper motor,

Speed regulation of pipeline exhaust fan, speed regulation of treadmill, speed regulation of conveyor belt of production line, speed regulation of electronic fan, speed regulation of electric skateboard, speed regulation of dc motor

Brush high power motor speed regulation, multi - computer fan parallel speed regulation.


Payment method: the bank CARDS you can use include: industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank


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Shopping guidelines

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If you want to buy the product, please contact us by phone or WeChat: tel: 15204677158 WeChat 15204677158 ms


Harbin huifeng electronic technology co., LTD. : has 20 years of professional r & d production, dc motor governor, dc governor, speed control switch, industrial control automation r & d, with a number of patents, the product application field is wide, well received by customers, according to customer requirements r & d customized production.

Note * since November 13, 2010, HSBC electronic company to apply for the HW - A - 1020 - c appearance of the patent, "hui is being" trademark, has been protected by law, aiming at the national market with "HW - A - 1020" type appearance patent vendors of pirated products, we will be investigated for legal responsibility, hope the seller here don't covet interests, and affect their future, if you have to stop selling, we will no longer be investigated for legal responsibility, if so, we will be in court to prosecute.At the same time, we also hope that the majority of customers do not buy pirated products, I should support the legitimate encourage our enterprises to continue to innovate for the agency sales of our company's products we will provide a full range of after-sales service and technical support (we have a record of each customer's contact information).

HSBC electronic has been for the purpose of service customers constantly push the new, from each product upgrade, it is not hard to see HSBC electronic to customer demand as the basis to improve products, improve product quality. As for product price HSBC electronic is also embrace the concept of feedback customer pricing, product upgrade every time, about the quality of the products with the original size, power function is added to.Products must be constantly updated and upgraded to win the market customer recognition.


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