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  • name : 12 road remote control switch learning
  • model : Remote control switch
  • price : $180
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  • time : 2018-05-30
The product description

12 road wireless remote control switch HXY12-D remote control switch

HXY12-D remote control switch: 12 road of the chips remote control remote control switch and the Taiwan CS5211 digital decoding way have the super encrypted performance, the interference from one over one hundred thousand encryption, in the use of outside interference when error action, which in the winter when use frequency is not offset, remote control switch to use the learning methods, the users in decoding with remote control is very convenient.

HXY-12-D is a 12 road independent control of the wireless remote controller. The controller using advanced voltage circuit make remote control switch the chips decoding more stable, receiving circuit 5 V of electricity and decoder chip circuits of the isolation method can effectively suppress the more outside disturbance signal.

(2) the remote control parameters

1, working voltage: DC 12 V; Remote controller battery (12 VDC23A) 2, working current: more than 3.5 mA
3:315 MHz, working frequency / 433 MHz
4, the transmit power: > 10 mW
5, launch distance of 100 m to 200 m: in the open field
6, frequency deviation: + 0.2 MHz
7, transfer rate: 50 Hz ac ~ 6 KHz

(3) receiver receive circuit board size: 7.8 cm long, 10.8 cm wide highly 21 cm 12 road remote control switch power supply dc 12 V 


Installation operation method
The dc 12 V power through the indicator lights, after 1-12 remote control, press the button, the signal on the receiver indicating lamp glimmer heard relay corresponding with sound, if not suck reaction, should study the new operation process
Since the lock; Interlock; The lock mode method
Receiving plate (jump line J1) the terminal with a line hat short sub realize locking; Interlock; The lock, conversion
Learning methods:
1 hold key learning at this time, holding the indicator lamp light learning 5 seconds lights extinguished loosen buttons that at this time of the receiver internal chip random code be cleared
2 in the time to press a key indicator lights in September at subsequent party loosen buttons
3 according to the remote control any key at this time will see receiver signal lights twinkle three times will hear relay voice that remote control and absorption at learning process is over

12 road remote control switch: each of them all the way, three connection screw, among the respectively for public on both sides (often a long) and (closing)
Method: such as long open by ac 220 V by law, the input the screw in the middle by the output line up in long load open screw.
By law: such as long closed ac 220 V by law, the input the screw in the middle by the load up in long lines output shut screw.
Receiving demodulation super in life way
Technical index:

1. Work way: OOK
2. Working principle: ChaoZaiSheng
3. Working voltage: DC12V v
4. Drive power: rated current: every 10 A road
5. Total load (3000 W incandescent lamp) 1500 W (energy-saving lamps)
6. Static current: more than 0.3 mA (@ 12 VDC)
7. Work more than current: 25 mA (@ 12 DC)
8. 315 MHz, working frequency: 433.92 MHz
9. With wide: + 1 MHz (reduced sensitivity tests) 3 dBm
10. Spirit sensitivity: better than 100 dBm (50 Ω)
11. Output way: 4 road 220 VAC controlled output
12. Control mode: locking; Interlock; The lock,
13. Remote controller battery specification: 23 A (12 VDC)
14. Storage temperature: 85 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
15. Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


1. Pay attention to in the scope of license working voltage, otherwise may damage the controller;

2. Is the control of the load more than the rating capacity, or not is likely to damage the controller; 3. Usage environment requires ventilation cooling, high temperature environment may controller didn't work properly;
4. In order to make the controller and reliable work, use the antenna will pull in state, or is likely to cause remote distance shortened;
5. When remote distance a shorter or remote control LED dimmed, please to replace the battery in time;
6. The remote control is a precision electronic device, please don't throw or water
7. To ensure the safety of operation, please before installing broken state power at the same time, please needs at least two people for installation
8. Confirm its correctness rear can begin.
9. In the selection of received dc power supply when the board are aligned can't answer the reverse

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