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  • name : HW-A-1060 B positive &negative dc HW-A-1060B
  • model : Dc governor
  • price : $298
  • This price is reference price
  • time : 2018-05-30
The product description

HW-A-1060 B positive &negative dc governor
It has two kinds of power supply mode: one kind is and motor load public a power, this model will jump line hat short sub P3. Another kind is independent power supply, the VCC way, way to use the P3 will jump line pulling up cap will external VCC access board power can be realized on the processing chip and drive chip power supply mode.

HW-A-1060 B positive &negative dc governor it features:
Are switching key reversal switch button in the positive &negative switching micro processing chip when with soft brake systems with time delay motor stops after 2 to 3 seconds after positive &negative switching. Also with brake function whether in turn in reverse operation is still under the state can achieve brake function, and also with the function of the original function will be reset to remove. The new functions can be realized positive &negative speed. This type of governor is a PWM positive &negative dc speed, it is the advantage of low speed and output has strong rejected. Very suitable for dc have brake motor load type resistance regulation. In addition to its interface with customers can upgrade function according to own actual demand upgrade function


Will the positive dc POWER supply with board POWER + connect with

Will dc POWER anode and board POWER-connect with

Motor connection mode of motor are aligned and board M-were OUT

Check the connection right on the power the power after the open clockwise then will hear the sound of a ringing internal potentiometer now proof switch has

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