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  • name : Switching power supply power 0 V-15 HFJW-360-12
  • model : Forward and reverse dc governo
  • price : $138
  • This price is reference price
  • time : 2018-05-30
The product description

2010 new HFJW-360-12 series power is a wide voltage 115 v / 280 v voltage universal switch power dc governor, better to improve output the PWM more perfect chip bring their own protection intelligent temperature controller cooling fan start
Thank you for your friends are always support, from on May 18, 2010 HSBC electronic technology HFJW-360-12 type switch power adjustment for 135 yuan and invites dealers, hope all new and old customers eager join, we give the superior, price and quality.

HSBC electronic production HFJW-360-12 type power supply, HFJW-360-12 type switch power, device is imported Japanese electronics company production
Semiconductor IGBT transistors, through the strict select devices and assembly debugging, company has strict quality testing system, ensure
Each product qualified leave the factory.

Dc input





With the flow short circuit protection function
Automatic cooling radiator
100% full load test
Low price, high performance
1 years quality assurance


The input voltage range--110 V-240 V, 47 to 63 Hz ac
Impulse current cold start current-15 A / 115 V 30 A / 230 V
Dc voltage adjustable range--50% of the rated output voltage
Overload protection-105 ~ 150% off current, automatic recovery
Over-voltage protection-output voltage of 115% ~ 135%
Start, rise, keep time--200 ms, 100 ms, 30 ms
Sex-between the input and output voltage; Input and output and KVAC 1.5 shell casing, the 0.5 KVAC lasted a minute
Working temperature, humidity-- 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, and 20% ~ 90% RH
Instructions: this power has nine terminal screw, specific wiring method please reference pictures (1) text stated as follows,

After wiring right required if the output voltage, DaYu 12 V or less than 12 V can adjust the potentiometer for the working voltage of output
Note: do not meet the are aligned

Payment: you can use the bank card includes, industry and commerce bank, agricultural bank of bank of communications

China's industry and commerce bank card number: 6222 0235 0000 0685962 WangZhiCheng
Bank of communications: 405512 1036 8777903 DingPing

Agricultural bank of China: 95599 8159 81341 79318 DingPing

Agricultural bank of China: 622848 0170 2234 11712 DingPing


Province through cargo can be with charge

Hoau logistics, JiaJi logistics and all kinds of freight forwarding company can be according to different places, with with different logistics company. Provincial general freight is 20 yuan up to the province, general is 15 yuan on, freight volume to calculate, general goods choice freight company is better. Note: the order quantity with freight transportation is applicable, freight also much less. With the shipping company generally don't payment of freight, shipping goods mainly to pay!!!!! Special note: all of the freight according to actual condition to billing, took a products please contact with the shopkeeper!!!!! Any inconvenience, please understand!!!! Thank you! The post office: surface mail to the charge standard of postal: charge (6 to 15 days to go to the post office, energy-saving lamps not hair surface mail himself); (EMS) express: billing standard can be online in general is 20 yuan ten-day, since, billing site: http://www.ems.com.cn/ems/postage.jsp logistics, express: ShenTong express: the head of state of 15 kg weight 1, 2 yuan for 1 kg weight; 1 kg weight area 15 head of state, May 15 yuan for weight 1 kg (different areas, freight is not the same). Web site: http://www.sto.cn)

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